Fuck and/for Pay....? Trend


 According to the latest survey by Infotrack dubbed "The Voice of People March 2016", 47% of Kenyans say their condition of life is the worst ever now, 41 % say its average and 14 % say life is best now. Gay Kenyans are just people like the rest and life can be very hard. Many kuchus have had to do things that they would not have done.

 Take for instance homosexuals who seek for wealthy men to fuck them and in return they can enjoy some of the fine things in life. If you look at it from a different view point there are those men with money who actively seek for desperate gay boys to fuck and pay. Is that prostitution?

 I dont know, but there is mutual benefit here for both sides. If you call the guy who gets fucked for money a slut, then isn't the money giver a slut too? The concept of fuck and pay seems to be the way to go now. Love "rested in peace" a long time ago. Some gay men have gone to the extent of opening up a business for a less privileged gay individual in return for ass or dick. Is that bad?

 Others don't open anything but they give shelter and a little "pocket" money. The problem is that for many gays when they get money they blow it all away in drinks and fun. Few are able to sustain a viable business.

We all know how hard it is to get a job even after obtaining a college degree and some times the youth have to create their own jobs. Frustration sets in and even depression.

Some gays in East African states have even joined the porn industry. Some say that those who have "use" for their sexual gratification. Others say that some homosexual men are lazy and they dont want to sweat for their money, such that giving ass or dick becomes the easier option!

I dont know what you think, but all that I know is that fuck and pay seems to be the new catch words in town! Sadly......

Jay Afrique 

Heart or Conscience


 Is it ok to fuck with your best friends BF if the two of you fall in love? This guy inboxed me a situation that many of us have come to be trapped in at some point.

 You fall in love with your bff's BF. He says that he loves you and you love him too, but then there is your friend.

What do you do about him and hurting his feelings? Should you risk your friendship and just follow your heart or listen to your conscience and value friendship over love?

Should you tell your friend that his bf is in love with you? Should you do it behind your friend's back.

 They say that love is hard to find and when you find it, grab it with both hands. What about friendship?

 Jay Afrique

Gay Stamping

Gay Stamping

 Stamping for those who may not know is the deliberate act of an HIV+ individual to deliberately infect another person or as many people as possible with the deadly virus! Stamping is an act of commission. The HIV+ individual is a bitter person and sees as if his life is already over. He may or may not know the person who gave him the virus but his actions are based on a warped notion that he has to "die" with as many people as possible. After all somebody did give him the virus.

I may not exactly know what goes on in the mind of an HIV infected person but all I know is that with modern medicine, healthy diet and ARV'S an infected person can lead a relatively normal and happy life for a very long time. This issue of stamping is outright evil. Nairobi alone has over 250000 people living with AIDS or HIV+. Nakuru has about 50000 and Nyanza has the highest number of new infections and HIV+ people. People are not mountains hence people travel. That means a guy who is HIV+ in Nyanza this morning could be infecting a person in Nairobi this evening and vice versa. Human beings interact.

Then there is the fast developing gay porn industry where the models or actors fuck each other raw in most of the clips.( At least the ones that I have watched that are made in Kenya). That is more like forced stamping. Suffice to say the gay community needs to condomize. However sweet bareback sex is or however drunk one is on alcohol or high on weed one must take care. To the individuals who are doing the stamping, the fact is that there is a very real possibility of getting different strains of the virus and making things worse for yourself! And I do have one word for you. MURDERER! You are a killer basically. Change your ways.

From a concerned Kenyan online.....

Gay Thoughts

Age , slimness or fatness doesn't define the tightness of an ass hole
or size of a dick. I hear people say slim guys have big dicks and fat
guys have tight assholes. Really? They also say the shorter the monkey
the taller the tail. Really? I have seen short guys with dicks the
size of a pimple and tall guys with dicks that look like GMOs!
Stereotypically judging a guys sexual package is common among gay men.
I believe that seeing is believing. Confirmation lies in the bedroom.
You might expect a monster dick and then you get a tooth pick or you
might expect a tight bugina and then you get a canyon! Kuwa mpole
mpaka mfike bed. And don't believe in the he said and so and so said
gibberish! A sexual encounter is unique for any two individuals... ‪


Gay Movie Reviews!

Crazy Gay Lifestyle

How many boyfriends have you had? How big is your dick? When was the
last time you had sex? Jeez! Those are the old school questions I
never want to hear. Of cause all Gays/Homosexuals will lie about those
Why even ask then? So are you gonna ask later " how tight is your
asshole? How long do you take to cum? How many rounds do you go in a
night? Do you produce sound tracks when you are getting fucked? Some
Gays are so cliche!!

#stolen from an avid fan

Gay Movie Reviews!

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