Bring him out...

    Meek, quiet, reserved and humble were the attributes that were well
en route of how people saw me. I was THAT BOY, the one that caused many to wonder and at times worry about. I never minded such attention,
after all it seemed perfectly placed as I was a shoe-in for it.
   I can't really tell from when it all started, but it was the realest
thing to me to date. A deep seated feeling of loneliness, a solitude
like no other. Like an orphan, but more of a natural origin; as if I,
at some point Veered off the path to normalcy to limbo.
Time was just frozen, nothing mattered highly not in a spiteful
way, it just was! It was like my insides were all pulled out, leaving
a gaping hole of grey. That was till he came around, something
dropped, something shifted within. I couldn't tell what was happening
but my eyes were drawn to him, I would then be stern on myself after
realizing am halfway, headed straight for him!
I had long gotten used to being called 'Zombie', 'cyborg' and
all other names that indicated lifeless-ness. My life had a good
routine, I wake up, get breakfast and head out to my average student's
life. In the evening, I would watch a movie or something and head on to my
uneventful night. I was contented, no desires hence the concern from
my folks.
   They must have had their eyes opened! Like I was just
having, I thought. A sudden infusion of 'wants' and 'have to have
   He was just vivacious, all over the place. This was the
first person that seemed to not have any worries. Always smiling,
glad, an inner serenity like none other. There was just something
extra intriguing about him that got me thinking. He made me want, he
made me crave; he got me to realize my desires. Not a stifling
craving, or an uncomfortable one. A quiet hunger for something, a
silent ember within threatening to blaze. I had just gotten my
curiosity back! I was going to get to know Maurice.
As I stayed up in my bed that night I thought of the chances
that kind of thing happening. I wondered how many people across the
globe were currently in my position. Thinking of a family friend
sleeping in the same house. I must have chuckled and pushed the
thought away like a thousand times, I finally decided obsession was
dangerous for me.
I needed to cool down, a cold glass of water would do it. I
jumped out of bed still lost in my thoughts. I almost bumped into it,
the ominous silhouette right outside my door, as if awaiting my exit.
My eyes couldn't help but notice the shape of the striking image that
was now coming to life. A slight, gentle push on my chest was enough
to make me let him in. An embodiment of a Greek god, with even
chocolate completion all over. I was frozen by the beauty, dimly lite
by the sodium street light streaming through my curtains.
Just as earlier I found myself closer and closer to him. Gently
caressing the soft muscles at my disposal. A gentle kiss on my lips
and we were in bed devouring each other.
"you ready?"
was the only pause, quickly ended by a quick node. I smiled all the way......

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   Michael Johnson also moonlighted as "Tiger Mandingo" in Gay strip clubs. This college wrestler was caught and is being charged in the state of Missouri for knowingly infecting unknowing people with the deadly HIV. The former wrestler who was also an exotic dancer to Gay men, was taking Videos of some of his XXX exploits from his Dorm room at Lindenwood University in St.Charles. The story has shocked many people which raises the fear of infection from lovers and partners.
   The Prosecutor admits the discovery of 32 videos of the accused engaging in unprotected XXX activity. His partners seemed unawares of his HIV status an even less of the fact that they were being recorded. This goes to show how The Gay Man has been corrupted and is being taken advantage of. The dangers facing The Gay Man don't just end here, it seems to be increasing as is seen in this case, a college student many didn't even know as Gay, moonlighting as an exotic dancer and infecting people.
     Johnson is currently facing serious charges and may face life imprisonment and awaiting his verdict behind bars. The University pledged to help in identifying the victims after the damning videos were seized from his room.
     This shocking news should startle readers into practicing safe XXX activity and to be careful of who they involve themselves with. The Gay Men Lifestyle should really change for the better or else cases such as this will be a common occurrence. Mind you this is just one that is exposed, we don't know how many others that are out there still undercover.
     Be careful People as we search for love and get our groove on....
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